5 Comfort-Inducing Products for Your Home

Whether you want to make a rental house your own or increase the appeal in order to entice a new tenant, the end of winter and the onset of springtime is the perfect opportunity to spruce up the place! We’ve included a short list of items you might be interested in to transform your coastal rental house into a real home this season.

Heat on the go

So you don’t have a fireplace to ward off the last of winter’s chill or add that extra bit of charm to your living room. No problem: it’s easier than ever to find portable, electric fireplaces that provide both sufficient heat and aesthetic appeal. There are tons of different models from which you can choose as far as designs go, and even some that are specially built for saving energy in your home. If you’re a renter, be sure that these don’t in any way violate your rental agreement, but otherwise plug it in and get nice and toasty.

Bundle up

Throws and decorative blankets are always a favorite home accent, not to mention useful! If you’re a homeowner trying to rent your house to someone new, you can give the main sitting rooms greater appeal and help potential tenants visualize themselves being comfortable there by choosing neutral colors to splash across existing furniture.

Light up the room

It’s hard to find the perfect lighting for every room, but with lamps and additional APPLIANCES that feature dimming options, you can get pretty close. If the overhead lighting is too harsh or bright at certain times of day, give it a rest and switch on a lamp that you can adjust to your specifications. When showing interested renters the house, you can use that ambience to give them a sense of what daily life might look like should they move forward with a lease, rather than only showing the place under generic overhead bulbs.

Natural accents

What better way to transition from winter to spring than by bringing the greenery inside to flourish? While temperatures might still be below ideal gardening conditions, you can control the indoor environment to suit the needs of a houseplant or two. Let spring make an early appearance in your home and you can increase the comfort and appeal by miles.

Add a personal touch

One of the oldest staging tricks in the book is to create that “fresh-baked cookie” smell before showing a house. But why limit yourself to one appetizing aroma? Though we suggest you proceed with caution in some cases, a mildly scented candle can help tie a room together and top off that cozy vibe for which you’re striving. Renters can feel at home before they even sign the paperwork, then carry over the idea after moving in so as to make their new space feel more secure and comfortable.

There are tons of other ways to help combat the last of those winter blues and usher springtime into your home a few weeks early! For more tips from Intracoastal Long-term Rentals, stay tuned to our blog or contact us for help in either renting out your coastal home or finding a new location to call your own.