Benefits to Renting Out Your Home

Whether it’s a new job, school, or simply time for a change of pace, relocation can occur often enough that you might not stop to think of an alternative to selling your former home. If you aren’t quite ready to lose your foothold in a familiar place, though, there is a way that you can maintain your ties and have the freedom to move onto the next adventure in a new neighborhood. Have you ever considered renting out your home when you move away?

Before the thought of the upkeep for two houses turns you off to the idea, here are a few reasons from Intracoastal Long-term Rentals that renting out your home after you’ve moved sometimes makes more sense than putting it on the market for sale.

Boost your income

While owning a home can always entail unexpected costs and setbacks, having a renter can in fact add a slight increase to your personal income as long as there are minimal accidents and repairs to be made. The key is making sure your house is in good shape before you move, and in finding quality renters that will take care of the property in your absence.

Build your portfolio

Owning more than one property can add more than just a second address to your portfolio. If you’re looking to increase your investments, a house can certainly do the trick! A house – especially one on North Carolina’s coast – is an excellent addition to your personal interests and can help you with exciting financial ventures in the future by lending you credibility and reliable history. 

Quality management on your behalf

Just because you’re renting your home doesn’t mean the weight of responsibility is on your shoulders alone. When you put your trust in property managers like those on staff at Intracoastal Realty, maintaining your property is simple and much less stressful than it could be on your own.

Buy yourself time

The nice thing about renting your house to others is that, at some point in the future, you can change your mind and decide to sell. And while the property is open and in use, improvements can be made at your pace, later increasing the value for the market.

If you’re still on the fence, our staff is on hand to answer questions and familiarize you with our rental process. Contact us today if you’re ready to discuss your coastal home’s future management!