Thank you for your interest in one of our properties and allowing Intracoastal Realty the opportunity to provide rental services to you. Please read the Application Process prior to applying.
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Current Residence
Previous Residence
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I am applying to lease the above-described premises for the term specified and the conditions as set forth in an N.C.R. Lease. I agree to pay with this application a non-refundable application fee of $80 single, current or previous NY residents $160.00 & KY $90.00. $150 married couple, current or previous NY residents $310.00 & KY $170.00, occupants $60 each, current or previous NY residents $140.00 & KY $70.00 or $80 grantor/co-signer & current or previous NY residents $160.00 & KY $90.00 to cover credit report, rental reference, employment and income verification. I agree to pay the entire first month’s rent in certified funds within 24 hours of acceptance. If I do not pay the first month’s rent within 24 hours, the property will not be held for me. I AUTHORIZE INTRACOASTAL REALTY TO ORDER MY CREDIT REPORT FOR THE PURPOSE OF REAL ESTATE RENTAL.