Wilmington NC Property Management

Long-Term Rental Management

You play as hard as you work, that’s why you have investment property near the beach. But when it comes to managing your investment property you don’t want to play games. You want a professional management team that will work hard to maximize your investment income and protect your property. With our worry-free program and nearly 3 decades of property management experience in short and long-term rentals, you can rely on Intracoastal Realty. Let us show you why we should be your top-choice for Wrightsville Beach & Wilmington NC property management.

At Intracoastal Realty – Long Term Rentals, we have established a strong and reliable tenant referral relationship with local corporations and real estate offices. Each tenant is carefully screened providing owners, as well as tenants, added assurance.

Full Property Management or Finders Fee Services

We offer a full complement of Wilmington rental management services covering tenant acquisition and retention, lease administration, accounting and property maintenance.

Should you prefer to perform your own property management we also offer Finders Fee services. Intracoastal will market your property and screen prospective tenants for your approval. Once a lease has been signed we turn the day to day landlord duties over to you.

Rental Analysis

Our professional property managers are standing by ready to help you get your property on the market. They will perform a property evaluation and offer suggestions to help you get the best return on your investment.

Advertising Available Properties

Intracoastal Long-Term Rentals uses a variety of online, social media, and offline marketing to reach prospective tenants. Our extremely high occupancy rate is a testament to the effectiveness of our overall marketing efforts and service level.

Property Showings

When a prospective tenant comes into one of our offices asking to tour one of our available properties, they are escorted by a member of our staff. Self-guided tours are not permitted.

Our rental management team equips vacant properties with the same lock box access as homes that are for sale. This allows convenient access for licensed real estate agents to show your property to their clients, further reducing the time it takes to rent.

Applications and Screening Tenants

Once an applicant has indicated they wish to lease your property we perform an in-depth screening process verifying: employment, income, rental history, criminal background check, eviction search as well as a credit check. We then consult with you for final approval.

Document Preparation

Intracoastal Long-Term Rentals will prepare lease and any additional required documents using forms prepared and approved by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

Security Deposits

A Security Deposit is collected from all tenants. As your property manager, we feel this is in is done to safeguard your investment in the event the tenant causes damage for which they are libel. The security deposit is held in an insured trust account in accordance with state regulations. All tenant’s forfeitures and damage claims are handled in accordance with North Carolina Security Deposit Laws.

Property Inspections

Prior to the tenant’s move-in Intracoastal Long-Term Rentals will perform an inspection to confirm your property is ready for occupancy. Throughout the lease our staff will perform semi-annual inspections of your property to protect your investment. In the event of maintenance work, our vendors also report back on the condition of your property. At the end of the lease a final inspection will be performed to ensure there are no damages or other issues that require payment by the tenant.

Property Maintenance

Intracoastal Long-Term Rentals works with many local professional contractors to guarantee your investment property receives the top quality maintenance it deserves. We negotiate our vendor rates to get the best competitive pricing. Your home is assigned to a specific property agent to ensure they are knowledgeable with the maintenance history of your property. Our Wilmington rental management team provides 24/7 emergency maintenance coverage to further protect your investment property.

Rent Collection

Tenants are offered several options to make payments. They can conveniently pay online with a credit card or bank draft using our secure tenant portal. We also accept payments by mail or drop off at one of our two rental offices.


Accurate and reliable accounting for your investment property is a priority for our accounting department. Monthly statements are available for online viewing 24/7 through our secure owner portal. Current monthly statements become available by the 10th of each month.


While never desirable, in the event it becomes necessary to initiate the eviction process, Intracoastal Long-Term Rentals will follow all state laws and procedures to protect your investment and work towards bringing about a resolution at minimal cost.

Tenant Communication

Your home is assigned to a designated property agent. This promotes a continuity with the tenant, enabling the property agent to be familiar with the tenant as well as the property maintenance history.

Tenant Retention and Turnover

We work hard to not only keep our owners happy but our tenants as well. A satisfied tenant is more likely to renew and less likely to want to move at the end of a lease, creating more value for you.

When a tenant does decide to move, we will perform a thorough move-out inspection and disburse the security deposit in accordance with state regulations. Our rental management team will make sure your property is made market ready as quickly as possible to reduce vacancy.

Keeping Abreast of Changes

Our staff of licensed professional property managers stay aware of industry updates and changing laws through continuing education and active memberships in industry organizations. We use the current forms and agreements prepared and approved by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

When it’s time to consider hiring a professional Wilmington NC property management company, consider Intracoastal Realty Long Term Rentals.