Prospective Tenant FAQ


It is sometimes very difficult to reach someone on the telephone. Why?

We receive a considerable number of calls every day. Each caller deserves our full attention to answer their question or resolve their issue. Because of this our response time may be delayed.

To better assist our owners, tenants and prospective tenants, we have invested much time and capital in the development of our website where we have attempted to answer most common questions, provide forms and information that will cover most situations.

Where can I find information on your available properties?

Information on our properties can be found on our website or by calling our office at 910-509-9700.

How can I visit your available properties?

To visit a vacant property, please visit our offices during business hours. An agent will accompany you to the properties you are interested in. Please bring a government issued ID for identification. Please visit our Contact Us page for a list of office locations and hours of operation.

For your convenience, an appointment may be scheduled to view our occupied properties by contacting our office. Please note that every attempt will be made to work with your schedule, but the current residents must be notified and given sufficient notice, that their home will be shown.

Are pets allowed?

We accept pets on a case by case basis as determined by the owner of the property. All pets must be listed in the lease. There is a onetime non-refundable pet fee. Any damage done by the pet is the responsibility of the resident. All pets must be registered and immunized in accordance with local ordinances. At the end of the lease the resident must provide proof of a flea treatment from a licensed exterminator. No pets can be tied on the property.

Should I get Renters Insurance?

Yes, our residents are solely responsible for insuring their own personal property that is located or stored upon the property leased as well as carrying liability insurance. Any loss from the risks of damage, destruction or loss resulting from theft, fire, storm and other hazards and casualties are your sole responsibility.

What about utilities?

Unless provided for in the lease, the resident is responsible for placing all utilities in their name and paying utility bills due for services to the premises for which resident is responsible. At the termination of the lease the resident is responsible for having all utilities services disconnected. Please see the Utilities section of our website for utility contact information.

What if I am interested in leasing a property through Intracoastal?

All applicants must view the interior of the property that they are interested in leasing prior to submitting an application. The property must be accepted on “as is” basis except when an owner has approved repair of specific items.


Who must complete an application?

Each adult planning to occupy the property must fill out an application.

What is your application fee?

Please view our Application Process page for our schedule of fees.

What if I am a student or my income does not sufficient to rent a property? Can I still qualify?

Yes, however we would require you to secure a suitable person to guarantee the lease. The guarantor would also be responsible for completing a lease guarantor form and paying the application fee. View a sample of our Guarantor Form.

How much can I lease?

Typically, we require monthly household income of applicants to be three times the lease payments. In other terms, your lease payments can be approximately 33% of your gross monthly income.

In addition to my application what other documents do you require?

No application will be processed until it is complete, including all documents and authorization forms. Additionally, no application is complete without payment in full of all application fees due.

What factors do you consider in evaluating my application?

First and foremost, we operate in strict compliance with all Fair Housing Guidelines. After receiving an application we investigate each of the following:

What if I am not the first applicant for a particular property?

When multiple applications are received on the same day, all applications are presented to the owner. Otherwise, applications are accepted and processed on a first come-first served basis. Subsequent applications are processed in the event the first application is not approved. In this situation only, those applications not processed will be refunded their application fee or it can be applied to another one of our properties.

How long will it take for my application to be processed?

Typically, we can fully process your completed application within 2 business days.

After I am approved, what next?

We will contact you as soon as possible to let you know that you have been approved. Then you will have 2 business days to sign the lease and pay the security deposit to secure your new home. This payment must be made in the form of certified bank check or money order. No personal checks or cash are accepted.

What payments must be made before moving in?

You are responsible for paying the security deposit within 48 hours of application acceptance. You will pay the first month’s rent or prorated amount at the time you pick up the keys prior to occupancy. Should you move in on the 25th of the month or later, you will also be responsible for paying the following month’s full rent.

How quickly can I move in after my application approved?

If the home is vacant, typically, we can have your home ready to move into within 72 business hours after approval of your application if there are no required repairs.


What is the length of your leases?

Most of our leases are for a minimum of 12 months; however, we do entertain offers for other terms, as determined by our owners. At the end of the initial term, the lease will revert to a month to month tenancy unless otherwise agreed.

What does your lease look like?

View a sample of our lease.

As a tenant, what are my responsibilities?

Typically tenants are responsible for the following:

What about a security deposit?

We do require a security deposit. Usually the security deposit is the same as one month’s rent. After your application is approved you have up to the time you take possession of the home to pay your security deposit. This must be paid by bank check or money order

Where is my security deposit held?

All security deposits are held in strict accordance with the NC Tenant Security Deposit Act.


When is my rent due?

Rent payments are due on the 1st of the month. Any payment received after midnight on the 5th of the month will be considered late. If you pay your rent after the 5th of the month you will be charged a late fee equal to 5% of the total rent. Any rental payments received after the 5th of the month must be in the form of certified check or money order. No personal checks will be accepted after the 5th of the month. If you mail your payment, it must be mailed early enough to be received in our office by the 5th of the month. We are not responsible for postal delays.

What are acceptable forms of payment of my rent?

Payment can be made by personal check, money order or bank check until the 5th of the month. They may also be made online through your tenant portal. After the 5th of the month we only accept payment in the form of certified funds. We do not accept cash.